Start with these 3 Somatic Healing Practices to nourish your nervous system, body and soul.

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Holistic Sexuality Coaching and Trauma Resolution 

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The Resourcing into Pleasure Meditation

Sensual Shaking

The Womb Awakening Practice


Each of these practices is designed to empower you with the tools to step into the role of sexual self-healer so, no matter what's going on, you can give your body, nervous system and soul some nourishment.

You'll start with Resourcing into Pleasure to show your body-mind and nervous system that pleasure can be a source of stability, strength, and healing.

The next week, I'll send you a super fun practice called Sensual Shaking. Cultures around the world shake to release stuck energy, past traumas, and to connect with the divine. Today, shaking has been incorporated into many modern trauma therapies as a way to release trapped fight or flight energy.

You'll finish the 3 weeks with a Womb Awakening Practice to help you cultivate your sexual and creative energy, and connect you to the power & mystery that lives inside of you.

These practices are fun, they feel good and they will help you come home to your body & sexuality so you can feel vibrant and alive!

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