Holistic Sexual Healing & Trauma Resolution 

Traumatic experiences leave unhealed wounds that make an imprint on your body, mind and soul. Like a movie left on pause, these imprints lay dormant in the body waiting for the right time to come to completion.


Living life under a trauma spell can make you feel…

Disconnected from your sexuality

Like you're not good enough

That there's something wrong with you

Guilty or weird about masturbation or self pleasure

Shame about your body

Vaginal tightness or discomfort during sex

Like you don't want to have sex at all

Sexually frustrated or blocked

Like there has to be something more


You can have a trauma response to many different types of experiences…


Growing up in a home where your needs weren't met

Living under capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.

Residue from things that happened to your parents and ancestors

Being shamed for your sexuality and self expression

Experiencing violence, emotional or sexual abuse

Getting or feeling abandoned by family, partners or friends

Exposure to toxic messaging from white-cis-hetero culture

 In the field of trauma-healing, we often talk about post-traumatic growth. What this means is that it’s possible, not only to heal your trauma, but for it to act as the very portal through which you can reconnect with your wholeness and original essence.


Trauma resolution means working at the level of the nervous system to digest the personal, ancestral, and collective imprints that are keeping you from feeling vibrant, connected and alive.

Together, we'll go on a journey that will take you from disconnected and avoidant to embodied and present, from shame and unworthiness to self acceptance and wholehearted expression, and from self-exploitation to sovereignty.

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