Sarah Anne Trivett, RCC, SEP


Sex Positive Somatic Therapy

Somatic practice involves working at the level of the nervous system to digest past experiences – the personal, ancestral, and collective imprints that are keeping you from feeling pleasure and belonging in your relationships with yourself, others and the earth.

People who come to see me often want…


 A deeper connection to the body, sensuality and self-expression

Ease with intimacy

More comfort around the topics of sex and self-pleasure

Better understanding of arousal

A clearer sense of their boundaries

Clarity around desires in the bedroom and beyond

Some common topics that come up in session:

  • sex after sexual assault

  • post-traumatic growth from childhood sexual abuse

  • shame resilience

  • reclaiming your magic

  • building secure attachments

  • difficulty with orgasm

  • sexual self confidence

  • feeling and voicing wants, needs and desires

  • (re)establishing self-trust

  • embodying consent

  • co-regulating with the earth and/or ancestors

  • reblooming sexual desire

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • expressing anger

  • self-pleasure as medicine

  • psychedelic integration

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Words from clients

Sarah is ready to hold you wherever you are in your experience and gently encourages you to discover your innate healer yourself. It has helped me feel much more capable of healing and finding peace. I feel so deeply connected to the resources that we have created together; I know that they are valuable tools for future stressful circumstances. In the last 6 months, my family and friends have noticed a drastic difference in me- I am more grounded, present, connected, and resilient. They claim that I am not as weighed down by my suffering as I have previously been and am finally living my life– I tend to agree.


I feel extremely lucky to have found Sarah. She is patient and understanding, wise and kind. She unflinchingly tackles whatever I throw at her, and even though some of my experiences must be somewhat unique, she has never seemed the least bit surprised or at a loss for where to go next. Sarah has given me an outlet to express my fears and share my experiences, and she is helping me discover my true value and connect with my deepest self.


Sarah makes me feel comfortable whether I am crying, laughing, quiet, or angry. She lets me be completely myself, and I trust her wholeheartedly. I am much more in tune with how my emotions and thoughts affect me physically. Best of all, we go at my pace. I don't have to pretend to be capable of something I'm not ready for. She constantly adapts to meet me where I am yet has faith that I will soon be ready for the next step, which is encouraging. Every session has been enlightening. I cannot recommend Sarah enough.


It has been an amazing experience working with Sarah for over a year. Before the work even begins, just being in Sarah's presence feels deeply grounding and centering. Sarah has been witness, guide and collaborator in my journey of healing and recovery, helping me uncover the deeply hidden patterns that have limited me and entrapped my pain for most of my life. Although I wasn't specifically addressing my eating disorder with Sarah, I am certain that my work with her gave me the foundation of healing and self-love that I needed to recover from the disorder. Sarah has been pivotal in returning me to myself. My work with her is invaluable. I tried many other forms of therapy before hearing about Sarah's work, and no other techniques came close to giving me the results that I experienced with Sarah. I am now able to show up in my life empowered and authentic. I would highly recommend Sarah both for her professionalism and for her mastery as a counsellor.

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