Yoni Egg 101


Thursday Sept 5th from 8pm to 9:30pm at Dharma Temple

Seen those little crystal eggs around but not quite sure what to do with them?

Have an egg but lost your motivation to practice?

Interested in cultivating your sexual energy and connecting to the power of your pussy and your womb?

Come join this introductory yoni egg workshop! (Egg not necessary, but are available for purchase in our boutique)

Daoist’s have been working with Jade and Obsidian eggs for centuries to cultivate sexual energy, increase sexual pleasure, release trauma, and strengthen the pelvic floor.

In this workshop we’ll discuss the history of the egg, how to choose the right egg for you, tips and tricks for stress free insertion+ removal, as well as contraindications. We’ll also move through a short practice using an imaginary egg so you feel confidant getting started at home.

Investment $40

Register here:  https://www.thedharmatemple.com/events-workshops/?mobile=false&options%5Bids%5D=1559&options%5Bsite_id%5D=290581&version=0.1