Sensual Shaking

Yayy! You're here!

I can't wait for you try the Sensual Shaking practice.

But first, make sure to read the reminders below.

I've also included some more nervous system info to empower you to make the best decisions for you body this week, as well as a Spotify playlist to help you get down!

Keep in Mind


  1. You are completely in control during this practice. You can pause the meditation and stop shaking at any time. It's especially important to do this if you ever feel like you are losing the ability to hold yourself with a loving presence.
  2. If you decide to stop the meditation early, celebrate that! It means you're really listening to and honouring the needs of your body. When you do this often enough, you start to develop a level of trust with yourself that facilitates deeper healing


You see, the healing you need differs depending on the state of your nervous system. On a regular day when you're feeling a little tired, or stagnant  this practice is perfect because it will help you feel energized and revitalized!

If you're in hyperarousal Рyou're feeling a little bit of that nervous fight or flight energy, this practice will work wonders to help dispel some of that energy and bring you back to state of greater regulation.

If you're in hypoarousal, what's commonly known as the freeze state, it might not be the best day for this practice. You know you're in freeze because you might feel dissociated, out of your body, or extreme lethargy and slowness.

When you're in the freeze state you get back into regulation through slowness, and loving, nurturing presence. So, if this is where you're at the Resourcing into Pleasure Meditation from last week would be the perfect thing to return to. 

And finally, I love to put a fun song on in the background while I shake. You can play your own music, or if you're like me and you're always looking for new song suggestions, you can check out my Sensual Shaking Spotify Playlist.

Wishing you so much sensual vitality as you engage with the practice this week,