Reclaiming Sexual Wholeness


An invitation to step into the role of self-healer and  reclaim your sexuality.

Living as a womxn in modern day society, it's likely that your body is carrying trauma and that your sexuality has been impacted as a result. There are the little ‘“t” every day traumas that happen from exposure to toxic media, messaging, and a culture that encourages us to override the needs of our body. And, there are the big “T” life shattering traumas that occur from assault, abuse, childhood wounding, and systemic oppression. Both of these kinds of trauma leave an imprint in our bodies and can dampen our sexual functioning, disconnecting us from our wholeness.

Carrying unintegrated trauma and stress can show up in your sexuality as:

  • Numbness or a lack of pleasure
  • Shame, anxiety, or fear
  • Sexual shutdown
  • Discomfort or pain during sex

In this workshop, you'll learn some somatic tools to bring you into greater connection with your sexuality. We’ll start in health by first resourcing into safety and cultivating body sovereignty. Then, we’ll talk about the practice of vaginal de armouring – a focused tool for integrating trauma, and re-sensitizing your vulva. Lastly we’ll move through a gentle trauma releasing breathwork that you can practice on your own at home.

Leave empowered with the skills and knowledge necessary to bring some loving attention to your sexuality and to build a sense of embodied trust in your physiology, psyche, and soul.

Please bring a notebook, pen, and a yoga mat.



Thursday December 5th, 8pm at The Dharma Temple

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Haida Gwaii

Sunday December 8th, 11:30am at Anahata Yoga & Healing Arts