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I've done a blend of academic studies (a Social Work degree & a Masters in Counselling), professional training (Somatic Experiencing) and also coach trainings (Rebloom & the Vital Integrated Tantric Approach). I've also learned a lot informally from plants, mama earth, yoga and meditation. The former has helped me integrate the latter and vice versa.

Formal trainings are great. It's been amazing to be able to deeply immerse myself in the bodies of work of visionary humans like Peter Levine, Rachael Maddox and Gabor Mate. And, trainings are only the beginning. It's the way that we integrate these teachings into daily life and into our bodies that make all the difference.

Having privilege makes it easy to rack up qualifications, certificates and letters after a name, but none of those things necessarily mean that someone is a competent healer. Often, clients tell me about their experiences with professionals othering them, medicalizing them or making them feel small or stupid. I've had similar encounters as well. This is not what is should feel like to be in the presence of someone who knows the way to wellness in body, mind and spirit.

The roots of the word healer come from the Old English ‘haelan' which literally means ‘to make whole'. Therefore, a true healer is someone who sees you in your wholeness, someone who helps amplify your blueprint of health, your essence nature.

What's more important than the certifications a psychologist, a counsellor, a massage therapist, or any professional might have, is whether or not they have truly embodied their healing.
You can get a sense for this in the way that it feels to be in their presence. Most practitioners these days, myself included, offer free consult calls. These calls provide an opportunity for you to connect to your intuition, get a sense for the kind of support they offer and feel what it's like relating to this person. That's why I call my consult calls, Feeler Calls.

You can book one here: https://calendly.com/sarahtrivett/feelercall


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