Jade Magic


A unique opportunity to build a community around both sexual healing and magick.

This 5-week series has a limited number of spots available for those feeling called to experience the Jade Egg in a group environment.

For hundreds of years, it has been unsafe for womxn to come together in this way. The dominant culture disconnected us both from each other and from the magick of our bodies. While we’re still healing from this collective trauma, it is finally becoming safe for womxn to reclaim their power through sensual expression, so what better way to do this than to join up and practice as a collective!

So, what is the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is a Taoist sexual healing tool for people with vulvas. The egg has both spiritual and practical applications and during this series, we will be working with both. Practically, this work can help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor resulting in more powerful orgasmic experiences as well as the reduction or prevention of incontinence. Spiritually, working with the egg can teach you to cultivate your sexual energy, release embodied trauma and access altered states of consciousness.

What you can expect:

  • A trauma-informed container to connect with your body and reclaim your sexuality.
  • A community of womxn holding the collective intention to release sexual shame, disgust, and fear and to cultivate an empowered relationship with their sexuality.
  • To be at choice. You’ll be encouraged to feel into your body and choose to opt-in or out of each activity as feels right.
  • An opportunity to gently release and integrate embodied trauma.
  • Each session will include a 30-minute Jade egg practice alongside somatic practices, breathwork, journaling, meditation and Q & A.

No experience working with the Jade Egg needed, just an intuition that this work is for you! You can purchase an egg at the temple shop before the start of the course.



Before December 10th / $225
December 10th until 1 Week before event / $275
1 Week before / $325


Saturdays Feb 15h to March 14th 2019

Register here.


**If you’re feeling like this is for you but have some questions you can email them to me at sarah@sarahtrivett.com or set up a short phone chat.