My healing journey

Sex used to be something that I felt okay about. Just okay. It was something I did, and sometimes enjoyed, while feeling somewhat insecure. I was embarrassed of my body, shy to express myself, and just not sure if I was doing it right! I felt like there had to be something more, but I didn't know where to look or how to learn.

Things changed for me when my partner introduced me to a book on Mindfulness and Sexuality. A lifelong meditator, the title peaked my interest, and as I read, I started to realize how I’d never truly been present during sex. Thanks to that book and that man (who is still my partner to this day), I began a journey of sexual healing and transformation that hasn't stopped.

I studied Tantric and Daoist sexual healing practices and I learned that our sexual energy is not just for sex, it’s flowing through us all the time. We can learn to harness its power to create lives filled with vitality, vibrancy, and creativity. This path has taught me how to heal my trauma by holding myself in a container of love, safety, and belonging. I've learned to love my body, my dark thoughts, and my emotions. I've learned to express through breath, sound, and movement.  And, I've seen again and again that this freedom and joy is available to anyone who decides to bring intentionality, awareness, and compassion into working with their sexuality.

It is my absolute pleasure to have a career that allows me to hold space for women as they  reclaim their sexual power, find embodiment, and learn to thrive.

Education, Training and Qualifications

Bachelors of Social Work

Masters in Counselling

Certificate in Feminist Narrative Therapy

3 Year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Professional Training

VITA (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) 600 hour Coaching Certification  (Currently Enrolled)

Yearlong Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training with Gabor Maté (Currently Enrolled)

ReBloom Trauma Resolution Training (Currently Enrolled)

Thousands of Hours of Meditation Practice and Yogic Study