A simple ritual for re-authoring your sexual story…


If you want to get unstuck sexually, it's useful to do an overview of the current stories you're running about sex. It helps to know what these stories are, as well as where they came from.


Today, I'm inviting you to journal/meditate/reflect on…


The stories/beliefs/and attitudes you learned about sex from:

Your immediate family?

The wider culture?


And, which stories/ beliefs/ attitudes have been passed down from the ancestors?


Once you have a sense of what these stories are and where they came from, you can reflect on whether these attitudes are supporting you or keeping you stuck.




Celebrate the stories that are supportive!

Take a moment and notice the health that's here. You can lean on these supports as you look at the places that feel more difficult.


As, for the stories that are keeping you stuck…


1) Hold them with so much compassion.

We live in a rape culture! There are so many toxic sexual scripts and ideas floating around in society's sexual shadow. It makes total sense that you have absorbed some of them.


2) Tune into your heart/inner healer/ wise self, some part of you that wants that which is the highest good for yourself, the earth and all it's beings. From this place of hope and healing, write out a new story for each belief that is getting you stuck, one that you would prefer to be carrying.

For example, I might replaceā€¦

Only skinny, white, conventionally attractive people get to enjoy sex


Sexuality is inherent within every living thing. Sexual energy is life's impulse to keep on living. I, like every person, plant and animal, am a sexual being. We are all worthy of embracing and delighting in our sexuality!


I might replace…

Being sexual is dangerous and it makes you a slut.


Embracing my sexuality is a natural and beautiful way of connecting with my power!


3) Write the new sexual stories down on a piece of paper. Fold it up, and slip it underneath your pillow. Keep it there for a week or a moon cycle as you dream these new stories into being!





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