Somatic Therapy &  Sexual Trauma Resolution

If you have a hunch that embodiment needs to be a part of your process, we could be a fit. I tend to work well with folks who have explored some self-development work (talk-therapy, yoga, meditation, plant medicines ect.) and feel ready to be with what is going on somatically.

Working at the level of the nervous system, we'll follow the cues of your body to resolve incomplete stress responses, repair boundary ruptures, meet the needs of your inner child and walk the path from trauma to turn-on, in sex, love and relating.

We begin with a 90 minute Intake session from which we create a clear road map for our work together. From there, you'll get a link to self schedule the rest of your sessions at a frequency that feels good for you.


What you can expect 

(adapted from Somatic Sex Education's Client Expectations)

You can expect sessions that are guided by your intentions, goals and capacities, not my agenda

You can expect to feel honoured and celebrated in any gender identity or sexual orientation you feel like exploring

You can expect me to understand that capacity for exercising choice and expressing consent can be impaired by lack of experience, power dynamics, disconnection from self-worth and trauma (personal & cultural). Therefore, you can expect support and guidance in identifying, naming and claiming your limits, boundaries, needs and desires

You can expect an ongoing commitment to informed consent, in which you’re given enough information about what a specific intervention might be and feel like, so that you can decide whether or not you want to do it.


Based out of Unceded Coast Salish Territory, most sessions take place on Zoom.


Wilderness Sessions now available at Lynn Headwaters Park!

Inspired by the co-regulatory magic of mother nature, I'm now offering Tuesday morning sessions by the river. We walk, we talk, and may also find a secluded spot to sit and drop into somatic process if that's your preference. These sessions are necessarily 90 minutes long and weather permitting.



Feeling like we're a fit?

I offer a free 20 minute Feeler Call for potential new clients. On the call you can ask me any questions you have about my approach, education and experience and we can both get to know each other a little bit.


 Email to book a Feeler Call



90 minute sessions are $200

60 minute sessions are $160

(sliding scale spots currently available)


Lower Cost Community Options

If private counselling is out of reach financially, you can check out this list of free and low cost options put together by Willow Tree Counselling


Looking for a BIPOC healer?

I highly recommend working with Denise Chang.

You can also check out the Healing in Colour directory of BIPOC therapists.


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