Holistic Sexual Healing and Trauma Resolution

We start our work together with a 90 minute Intake session where we create a clear road map for our work together.  We'll talk about where you're at, what you're here for and where you want to go.

Intake sessions are $160.


After the initial intake session, most folks usually do 60 minute sessions with me on a bi-weekly basis.

60 minute sessions are $120


If you're interested but want a little more information before you book in, I offer a free 15 minute Feeler Call. I don't provide any counselling on these calls, but I can share with you my background, education and answer your questions about the way I work.

All sessions are via Zoom.

Why work with me?

  • I’m a meditator, tantrika and nervous system nerd and my approach to trauma healing is both soulful and sciencey.

  •  I'm trained in and practice Somatic Experiencing, the industry gold standard for processing trauma at the level of the body.

  • As an Addictions Counselor in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, I have experience working with complex trauma and mental health diagnosis, so you can feel confident in my ability to hold a steady, loving, presence no matter what you're going through.

  • I'm on my own trauma healing journey and I use the modalities that have been the most effective for me in my recovery.

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