You've mastered survival mode, now it's time to thrive!

Sensual Self-Love


 Release and resolve embodied trauma so that you can feel at home in your body and connected to your sexuality.


This 6 month coaching package includes:


12 bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions.

A deeply loving container.

Email support.

Audio practices that you can do in your own time made just for you.

Customized accountability, choose how often you want me to reach out. For example, daily, every two days, once a week, etc.

Optional 15 minute laser sessions in between normally scheduled sessions

And 2 special bonus gifts:

The Jade Egg

Crystal Pleasure Wand

We start by creating a foundation of love and safety using somatic resourcing, deep meditations and integrative processes like inner child work. I then introduce you to the healing power of trauma releasing breathwork, and give you practices to help you move into greater connection with your body such as vaginal-dearmouring, working with a jade egg, and of course, self pleasure!

3 months together allows ample time for both integration and activation. We'll get to know your shame, fears, anxieties and the cultural narratives that are holding you back from fully embracing your sexuality, and turn them into allies.  I'll take you through a layered process that really allows for you to develop loving mastery over your emotions, integrate blocks and start to awaken your sexual energy so that it can become a power source that fuels your life.

 I'll hold space for you every step of the way.

Investment $3000

(payment plan available)



Each package is individually tailored to meet your unique needs and may include any of the following processes:

Body re-sensitization techniques

Cathartic sound and movement expression

Gentle trauma release practices

​Felt sense meditation to move beyond the mind and drop deeper into the body

Taoist energy practices to build and expand energy body

Sacred sexual  and neoTantric practices

Vaginal de-armouring

Emotional liberation techniques to free yourself from fear, guilt, shame

Tantric meditation and visualization

Feminine / Masculine embodiment practices to build confidence and connection


Expect to Feel

Like you've taken your first steps down the tantric path


Like pleasure can be self-care


Freedom in your body

Less shame, fear, and anxiety


More regulated and able to settle and self-soothe

Like it's safe to open your heart

More fully alive

Deeply connected to yourself