Gain clarity and insight.

Have your journey be witnessed.

Feel at peace with your experience.

I came to plant medicine integration work by way of my own experience. While plants have been an essential part of my healing journey and I’m forever grateful to them, I also have experienced how much set and setting, the setting of your physical environment and your mindset going into the ceremony, can affect your experience!

It’s not uncommon to come away from plant medicine journeys feeling confused, disoriented, or worried. I provide a safe and therapeutic environment for you to process and make meaning out of these experiences so that you can feel clear, empowered, and grounded.

That being said, integration sessions are not just for people who have had negative or challenging experiences. Working with plants can also be profound and exciting. Maybe you just want someone to talk to who gets it! Perhaps, a plant teacher showed you about some changes you need to make and you’d like some support as you prepare to take action.

These sessions can also be helpful for people who are looking to integrate experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness that have come through practices such as breathwork, meditation, and sexuality.

I cannot provide plant medicines or information about where to find them. It would not be appropriate to attend a session under the influence of any psychoactive substances.

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