Holistic Sexuality Coaching & Trauma Resolution

Gently release embodied trauma

Reclaim your sexuality

Feel radiant and alive


Trauma happens when you experience something so big that it leaves a lasting effect on your body-mind, nervous system, and soul. It often shows up sexually as:


Disconnection, numbness, or a lack of pleasure

Fear, anxiety, or shame

Vaginal tightness or discomfort during sex


You can have a trauma response to many different types of experiences. For example:


Living as a woman under patriarchy

Residue from things that happened to your parents and ancestors

Being shamed for your sexuality

Experiencing violence or emotional abuse

Getting rejected by family, partners or friends

Exposure to sex negative messaging

Watching the destruction of the Earth


The most incredible news is that the harmful effects of trauma can be healed. In the field of trauma-healing, we often talk about post-traumatic growth. What this means, is that it’s possible for your trauma not only to become healed, but to actually act as the very portal through which you can grow, up-level, and transform.


You can learn to love your body, feel nourished by pleasure, activate your desire, and connect to your orgasmic nature!


The practices I teach are fun, they feel good, and they restore the health of your nervous system. When you start to integrate the wounds that are stored in your body whether personal, ancestral, or collective, you immediately feel more vibrant, radiant and alive!!


I truly believe that sexual healing, body-love, and pleasure are available to every woman who has the courage to walk down the tantric path.

It would be an honour to work with you as your guide.



Why work with me?

  • I have completed over 8 years of formal academic education in the healing arts.

  • After a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters in Counselling, and an additional 3 years of professional education in Somatic Trauma Healing, I have TONS of experience holding space for growth and transformation.

  • As an Addictions Counselor in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, I have worked with hundreds of clients with complex trauma and severe mental health diagnosis, so you can feel confident in my ability to hold a steady, loving, presence, no matter what you're going through.

  • I’ve completed thousands of hours of yogic, meditative, and tantric study, and have found for myself, that healing is accelerated when modern therapeutic approaches are combined with ancient spiritual and sexual practices.

How is what I do different than other things you’ve tried?

I use an integrated approach that combines the best of modern therapy with ancient sexual and spiritual practices that target all 3 levels of the brain:

Your cortex: the thinking, logical, controlling mind

Your limbic system: your feeling, sensing, and emotional body

Your primal brain: the ‘old brain’ responsible for basic survival functions

We now know from the newest research in the fields of somatic psychotherapy, neuroscience, and trauma therapy that you need to work with all 3 levels of the brain in order for lasting change and transformation to happen.

Regularly engaging in these tantric tools  and practices will make you feel radiant, sexy, free, and most importantly, so, so, deeply connected to yourself.